This Kodak Wall Mural was inspired by my dear friend Martha Cooper. It was painted by Case an artist from Germany. There is a link to their websites on my link page.

This is the original kodak window decal from Martha's Collection, I have a slightly different version.
When I find it I will post it.

I thought this would be a good place to plug Martha's book. So here is the description from Amazon

"This book tells the remarkable story of the Kodak Girl, one of the most durable and successful marketing campaigns in advertising history. Created by George Eastman, inventor of the inexpensive hand-held camera, the Kodak Girl traces the intersection of American culture with photography as it evolved from a studio-bound practice to a snapshot obsession for the masses. Martha Cooper's extensive collection of Kodak Girl material ranges from advertising, by Kodak and other camera manufacturers, to photographs from all periods, engravings, trading cards, matchbooks as well as commemorative stamps and Valentine's Days cards. This rich collection considers the relationship of the Kodak Girl to the birth of the snapshot during the late nineteenth to the mid-twentieth centuries, and is accompanied by two essays on the seminal role of women - on both sides of the camera - in photography's early history."

And a posted review!

"This book is, simply, *gorgeous*! To begin with, it has a HUGE selection of photos. Also; there are some great "advertising" photos and some color-retouched photos, all of which look beautiful. The collection (Martha Cooper's) is truly superb."

On a side note, I have the book cover picture in many original forms; catalogue, post card, photo contest portfolio and poster. My favorite is the poster which also happens to be the largest format I have found so far! It is a fabulous image for the book cover!