I recently purchased this original brochure of "The Alton LImited" at the second Eaton Lothrup Auction.
Eaton was a gentleman and a scholar. Not to mention a world class collector. One of the highlights of
my collecting career is when Eaton visted the northwest and came to see parts of my collection.
I spents hours finding every boxed box camera I had to show him.

This picture of Eaton Lothrop was taken by John Rushton at Photographica, London, in May 2002.

This brochure is just to cool not to share!

This is an original picture of The Alton Limited circa 1905. It does not belong to me. I found it with a google search.
Notice that the pictures on the cover and the center-fold are quite different.

To download a copy of the The Alton Limited brochure click here.