The Eastman Kodak Company has a history of real and model trains.
The model trains are found in many different scales. Not all of the model trains are sanctioned.

If there is a train modeler out there that create these real trains (6, 7, 8, 9) in any scale model,
please let me know!

Model Power Tanker, N gauge.

Model Power Tanker, HO gauge

The following are from a non-sanctioned K-Line set, O gauge.

Two different weaver tankers, O gauge.

Lionel TTOS Kodak Xerox Convention Flat Car "17871", O gauge.

KMT (Kris Model Trains), O gauge.

Aristo Craft Tanker, G Gauge.

Metal station with a Kodak sign. I do not own this, so if you have one for sale,
please let me know!

I recently found this set of miniature Model Railway Posters.

In it is one of my all time favorite posters. I have only seen one full size.
IF you find one and it is for sale, please contact me immediately.