Charlie Kamerman's Kodak Collection.

This is a link to picture of a wonderful Kodak collection that I do not own!

Not many collections of this caliber are available on line to see! Worth a look at the very least. Charlie

Exciting news... the Kodak Catalogue section now has low resolution complete catalogs to download.
These catalog span from 1887 through 1942. (I will be adding 1886 soon). If you need reference
material for collecting or for anything else, these will be invaluable to you.

Eventually, I will have a DVD with high resolution scans available... hopefully in October 2011.

I have also started adding pictures of people & cameras. Originally I wanted to compare the reality of real
pictures of people with the advertising that was produced over the years. Take a look. Maybe you will see some one
you know.

I am trying to add pictures of the collection and new aquisitions as fast as I can.
Anyone with a site knows how time consuming they are to maintain.

Please check back regularly, hopefully you will not be dissappointed. More Later - Charlie - 9/13/2010.

I have been collecting items in original boxes since 1979. My collection contains a
wonderful mix of photographic related items representing the evolution of
equipment and marketing of the Eastman Kodak Company over 120 years.
In the beginning I decided to buy items only if they were in their original boxes
to limit the number of items I could acquire. Eventually I decided to buy advertising
items to complement the photographic equipment which helped me to create more
visually pleasing exhibits. To this day I only buy cameras and accessories in original
boxes. Parts of my collection of thousands of items have been exhibited in the
California Museum of Photography, the Museum of Science and Industry in Los
Angeles, the Seattle Convention Center and the George Eastman House in Rochester.

My son Abe is helping me build this site. I am using pictures from auctions I have won
over the last 10 years and that have been sent to me. So if you see a picture and
would like credit or if you want me to remove a picture please contact me.

Eventually, I will start adding my own pictures. I have over 10,000 items
to list so it will take a while.

Thanks - Charlie

Here is a great original Kodak picture taken in 1891 of Fred with his original Kodak camera.

One Kodak Camera (AKA Original Kodak) - circa 1888

Brownie Camera (AKA Shoe box Brownie or Original Brownie) - circa 1900

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