Kodak Camera
After 32 years of collecting there are not many things that come along that deserve an announcement. In fact,
not many things come along period. Not that there are not wonderful things to find, it is just so much harder
to find the items that you still need. As most of you know, I like things that go together... Might be a particular
line of cameras like all the bantams, ponies, signets, vest pockets, league designed cameras or even
brownies or it could be an individual camera like to find all the accessories for an ektra, or retina IIIc. Some
sets are easier to acquire than others. Some are very difficult if not impossible. Some have been
collected by others some have never been collected before. I believe this to be the case with this set of wooden
boxes. Although there are many collectors that have been able to assemble all seven of these cameras, I do not
believe anyone has assembled a complete set of cameras with their boxes. This could be because no one cares
or because it is so hard to do! Either way I am very happy to announce that I have done it!

These are wooden boxes for the first 7 string-sets... Actually, I still need a nice #3jr camera... I bought the #3jr wooden
box last weekend! That one completed the set of seven. I never actually thought I would find the #3jr box as it is a fairly
scarce model. The Original box and the #1 box are the same label but they have serial numbers that coincide
with the different cameras. The lid design is slightly differently as well.

There is a newly discovered earlier box type (shown below) for the original which I do not currently own... I am still
searching for one. I have attached a picture of it in case anyone tracks one down. I only have one camera with
a serial number that actually matches the serial number written on the box, it is the #4. I believe that is due to the
fact that when cameras were sent back to the company for re-loading they were probably returned to the customer
in different boxes. I do have a couple duplicate string-set boxes including an original box without a label. This is the
list of boxes that are in the pictures.

Original Kodak Camera

I will do my best to add pictures of the cameras and accessories as soon as possible.

This is the cornerstone of my collection.

This seems to be the second Original Kodak box style with two patent dates on the label.

This complete set also came with the manual, memorandum and view finder.

This is most likely the first production Original Kodak box. It only has one patent date on the label.
All other Original Kodak Boxes have two patent dates on the label. Photograph by Paul Mutino.

The Falcon Camera is not listed in the consumer catalogs.

I have six 1895 Pocket Kodaks that fill this box.