Kodak Gallery/Sierra Nevada Professional Cycling Team (some photos by Rob O'Dea, team photographer)

The team disbanded at the end of 2007.  Kodak pulled out as the primary title-sponsor and the management opted to shutdown and retool.  Kodak was involved with the team for 4 or 5 years, and before that sponsored a team called Ofoto (back when Kodakgallery.com was Ofoto.com).  Everyone in pro cycling in the United States knows the team and Kodak, it was very sad when the sponsorship ended.  Thus, all the riders went to different teams for 2008.

This is a beautiful pro-team bike from the 2007 Kodak Gallery/Sierra Nevada Professional Cycling Team. Bike was used as a spare race bike during the racing season and has seen very few miles. The Italian designed Kuota Kredo rides confidently in the corners and stable on descents while the stiff frame provides incredibly responsive power transfer. Despite the overall lightness and stiffness of the bike, the design provides a very comfortable ride.

2007 Kuota Kredo, size XL
Kodak Gallery/Sierra Nevada Professional Cycling Team custom paint job
Kuota Pro-Carbon Stem, bar and carbon bottle cages
SRAM Force Group
Mavic Ksyrium SL wheelset
Time RXS Carbon pedals
Fizik Aliante Ti custom saddle
Hutchinson Fusion 2 tires

This bike was purchased from Skyler Bishop a member of the 12 man squad, and all of their equipment from the bikes to the helmets to the clothing were custom colors and logos just for the team. The bike doesn't have any logos other than Kuota (probably a stipulation of the Kuota sponsorship) but the color scheme was designed specifically for the team, and there is a very limited run in this color.

This is a photo of Skyler racing to show you what the kit looked like for 2007.

The bike in the photo is black because it was an early season race and they had not yet received the team race bikes. For the remainder of the season we were on the team-color bikes.

I have also purchased everything to make an exact team replica racer. Including a new team helmet w/ Kodak logos, new long-sleeve skinsuit and shorts/jersey, new socks, new gloves and a used pair of the team's 2007 Red Addidas racing shoes... all of these items are custom Kodak team apparel that was only made for the guys on the team.

I will be adding pictures of these items soon.

This is a YouTube of the  Kodak Gallery / Sierra Nevada Pro Cycling Team

Skyler Bishop

Born: May 23, 1983
Hometown: Walnut Creek, California
Residence: Del Mar, California
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 172 lbs
Turned pro: 2003

Highly motivated after a successful return to pro racing in 2006, 24 year old Skyler Bishop is back for his second year with the Kodak Gallery Pro Cycling Team, presented by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

After racing on the NORBA circuit with Ritchey Design’s junior mountain bike team, Skyler began road racing in 2000. He then spent three months racing in Italy in 2001 and earned his Category 1 upgrade at age 18 in 2002.

In 2003, Skyler turned pro with the then-fledgling Health Net team. After a solid season on the pro circuit, Skyler considered a position with Health Net presented by Maxxis for 2004, but – after a severe injury while training for cyclocross in the fall of 2003 – he opted to focus on his studies and graduated from UC-Santa Cruz in 2005 with a degree in Environmental Studies.

After some collegiate racing in 2004 followed by a return to elite amateur racing in 2005 for the San Francisco Olympic Club, Skyler decided to return to the pro ranks.

Off the bike, Skyler spends considerable time in the estuaries of Southern California working as a wetlands ecologist. Skyler is also an extraordinary photographer. In 2005 he worked closely with a professional photographer in Italy and is currently expanding his knowledge of studio lighting through course work in San Diego. Look for Skyler's images to make a big impact in the years ahead.

After growing up in the Bay Area in Walnut Creek, Skyler relocated in the fall of 2005 with his family to Del Mar in Southern California.