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This will load my flickr photo stream which has many photos of items that are not yet on the web site.

Classic cameras
RaślM., Me and my cameras. The stories of my collection. (Great collection, Great Blog.)

The artist goes by the name Case. He's from Frankfurt, Germany. He painted the Kodak Girl Wall Art for Martha Copper.
One of the finest if not the FINEST Kodak Collections in the world.


Kodak Argentina started its activities on 8 November 1915, being the first subsidiary of the Kodak Company in Latin America.
Variations in subminiature cameras and their accessories are presented in photographs including history, specifications and estimates of current value. Tips on photographic technique, general maintenance and repairs along with repair manuals and a large library of instruction manuals and literature relating to these cameras spanning over 60 years.

The advertisements used in this project come from The Wayne P. Ellis Collection of Kodakiana in the Hartman Center. Mr. Ellis, who died in 1994, was a Pennsylvania engineer and avocational collector. Unlike many collectors of photographic memorabilia, Ellis concentrated on advertising and marketing items. He acquired virtually every Eastman Kodak ad that appeared in general interest magazines up to the 1980s. He also assembled long runs of Kodak publications for consumers, camera dealers, and professional photographers. His collection also includes unique documents about the company, a small number of early Kodak snapshots, and various promotional items.

The main feature of this site (eventually) will be a virtual museum of Classic & Antique Cameras and related Photographic Ephemera. The Collection and the the owner are just wonderful!
Another fantastic Kodak collector displaying antique Kodak cameras from the 1890's and 1900's.
This site is dedicated to "ignomini - A pointless endeavor, with mechanical overtones." A wonderful site with about as much eye candy as one can consume and then some. The photography and text is outstanding. Features 2D and 3D photography and several other wonderful collections! Well worth the trip. is based in the UK and concentrates on the history of UK photographic companies, especially Ilford.  There are also web pages devoted to the history of Kodak and Agfa colour printing processes, the films and printing papers. is dedicated to unrecognized female photographers. contains pictures of antique cameras, accessories, ads, and ephemera.
This website is dedicated to the golden age of wood cameras which lasted from the
birth of photography in 1839 to the early part of the 20th century. A truly amazing website
which has a variety of rarely seen wood cameras, related history, and 19th century camera advertising.

Collector of Antique & 19th Century Cameras
This wonderful site is dedicated to Brownie Cameras. (The link page has some great places to visit!)
The Brownie Group was founded in 1995 by David Hughes and Jim Dunn and their mission is to promote
the collecting of Kodak Brownie cameras.
This page has some great Ektra information and a few more links.
This is the place to learn about the wonderful world of ephemera.
Everything you ever wanted to know about Graflex.
Another great Graflex site.
The web site of an incurable photograghica collector.
The Photographic Historical Society of Canada was formed to advance the knowledge of and interest in the history of photography, particularly of photography in Canada.
If you need unforgettable images to tell a product's story, to show your market where you add value or to simply show people what they're missing, this is the place to go! Former Kodak Cycling Team Photographer - Rob O'Dea
A puzzle place for movie mavens... film fun for puzzle people.
An incredible collection of decorative photographic items related to a wonderful camera collection, china figurines, toys, cartoon characters with cameras and even camera related clothing!
Here you will find highly detailed price and information guides on popular Classic Cameras & Lenses, as well as many related links.
PHOTOGRAPHICA.... Early & Antique Cameras, Magic Lanterns and slides, Pre Cinema, Optical toys, Stereo , Cine, Kaleidoscopes, Daguerreotypes, Photographic books. The business, run by Lionel and Christine Hughes, started full time in 1976. Selling worldwide by mail to knowledgeable collectors and dealers since 1980.
The Kodak Historical Society is an informal association of those interested
in the history of the products of the Eastman Kodak Company. KAPTAIN KODAK, Dr. George Layne, is the organizer of the society and manages this site.
The Photographic Historical Society The first society devoted to photographic
history and the preservation of photo antiques - founded 1966
350 Whiting Road, Webster, NY 14580
Jan Schimmelman is a professor of art history in the Department of Art and Art History at Oakland University. Away from the classroom, Schimmelman collects a variety of 19th and early 20th century American antiques. Her vast personal collection of American tintype photographs served as the basis for her book, The Tintype in America, 1856-1880, published by The American Philosophical Society in 2007. Two other Schimmelman book links follow.
WARREN AVENUE & WEST SIDE INDUSTRIES | Janice G. Schimmelman | History
A Detroit to Dearborn Photographic Album 1920, A descriptive account of the
new factories which served the auto industry and residential communties
along Warren Avenue and the west side of Detroit in 1920.
The Iron Plate in American Photography | Janice G. Schimmelman | Fine Art
The Tintype as Art 1860-1880, A collection of tintypes of spectacular beauty
from the collection of the author. The essay argues in favor of the tintype
as art based upon a nineteenth-century definition of painting. is dedicated to fine examples of Kodak Rochester Optical Kodak and other rare and more common cameras. Beautiful pictures, a wonderful collection! Well worth a look.

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