Basically, every camera and pretty much everything else in my collection that can be in
an original box is in an original box. There are a few exceptions and this is one of them.
This is due to the fact that proto-type cameras typically do not have boxes.

The following pages of information from "Major Developments in New Apparatus", were
photographed at the Kodak Patent Museum, when there was a Kodak Museum. No one
seems to know where book one or book two is at the moment. I have a copy of book
one on cd. Apparently no one made a copy of book two. I have included the table of
contents in case anyone is curious.

The Kodak Super 35 became the Kodak Ektra, one of my favorite cameras.

Here is a production Ektra for comparison. Notice that the word
Anastigmat is not on the production lens.

Top of the box

Side of the box (not to scale)

A typical store poster showing the versatility of the camera. The white dot
is the baseball just off the bat. The 35mm frame is in the lower left hand

Some of the boxed I have items to photograph later.

I am not sure whether these would be considered proto-type cameras.
Probably they are best described as dealer demonstration cameras.

I have four different models. Two of which are pictured at this time.

This is a proto-type of a Brownie Star Camera.

Dealers Sample, not sure if it was commercially produced.