This is a list of Eastman Signatures I could find on letters and other things.
I might have a few more somewhere... all seem to be signed Geo Eastman... 6 decades of business part of life covered!







5/15/1931 (this one is pretty close to his death and rather shaky)

Books & Other

Chronicals of an African Trip - Dear Mrs Stuber from her friend

Ackerman Biography - To Searge Isabeth Bonright with love and highest regards (not sure of the name... maybe you can tell me who it might be???
Nothing else I have mentions LOVE!!! Must also be close to the end of his life as it is very shaky.

Visitor Pass: no date

Photo: no date - Very Truly Yours

Photo: no date

Sorry about the quality of this picture... will add others soon.


Photo shows Mr. George Eastman, famous film manufacturer and big game
hunter, of Rochester, N.Y., as he returned to New York today on the
S.S. Leviathan from his most recent hunting trip in Africa," 6-11-1928

S.S. Leviathan

George Eastman signature on visitor's pass.

Although it is very difficult to find George Eastman signatures it is considerably
harder to find items that actually belonged to George Eastman. I am very lucky
to have one item that belonged to him. His fishing reel.

Julius vom Hofe, New York
Ocean 'B' Saltwater Reel & Case of George Eastman

Made by Julius vom Hofe in 1911 or 1912, the Ocean 'B' model, size 4/0, was engraved
by request for Eastman. This reel was appropriate for marlin, swordfish, or tarpon fishing.

The reel sold for a price of $85.00 in 1912.

The pictures show the detail which identifies the reel's former owner - the red script lettering on the reel itself,
the engraved silver tag on the leather case. In the collection of George Eastman House, Rochester, NY, is a
smaller salmon reel made by Julius vom Hofe's brother, Edward. While the two reels are not identical in manufacture,
they are identical in how they were customized for Eastman: red script lettering, silver engraved tag.

I just purchased this very interesting item. I can not say for sure that George Eastman owned it, but I feel very strongly that he came into contact with it. Although very light, the signature is a match with others from this time period. The item is a H.L. Leonard Salmon fly rod bag and tip tube. The rod that goes inside would be a 12' 6", three section rod with two tips.

If anyone can provide more information please contact me.


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